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Catie Munnings - FIA ERC -Rally Poland
Kent rally driver Catie Munnings crashed heavily while leading the ladies at the latest round of the European Rally Championship in Poland at the weekend. 
"It's been a frustrating weekend and a real blow for us. We were pleased to have taken it very steady in qualifying and still ended up 2nd in the Ladies behind Emma Falcon (Citroen DS3 R3 driver) and 9th in the junior Under 27 section. Four of the stages on Friday were cancelled because there were so many crashes. The stages are just crazy fast on this rally and everyone was really going for it.. We started the stages in full competitive mode but then got flagged down along the way for various incidents. It was the same for most of the juniors but was especially frustrating for us because both Anne and I felt like we we'd reached another level of pace and we were going so much quicker than we ever have before - so we just wanted to actually complete a whole stage to compare our time…

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